Plan for Small Business welcomed by business owners

Business owners from across Northamptonshire came together today, Tuesday 24th January, to hear the Shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds launch the Labour Party’s Plan for Small Businesses. The plan was welcomed by the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses and the county’s business owners. The Labour Party‘s commitment to energising small businesses in Northamptonshire took […]

Number of kids repeatedly missing from school rising year on year in West Northants

Mike Reader, the Labour Party candidate for Northampton South in this years general election, has called out a worrying rise in children slipping through the education system. Long-term absenteeism is skyrocketing year on year as the Council and Government fail to get control of West Northamptonshire’s education services. Latest Department for Education figures on persistence […]

Tooth decay forced over 600 patients to A&E at Northampton General last year

625 people were forced to attend A&E at Northampton General Hospital last year due to dental decay, as patients across the country find it impossible to get an appointment with an NHS dentist when they need one.  At Northampton General in 2022/23, 510 patients were seen in A&E with a dental abscess, caused by tooth […]

Making Northampton’s Streets Safe – NN Pulse Nov ’23

The next Labour government faces a real challenge – restoring safety for our community and rebuilding trust in the police. I am dedicated to returning our town to the safe, secure, and welcoming environment we all remember, where everyone feels protected and heard. Communities thrive, and local economies prosper, when crime is low. That is […]

My Commitment: To get the NHS back on its feet in Northampton – NN Pulse Oct ’23

For many in Northampton, the struggles of getting help from the NHS aren’t distant stories. They’re tangible, everyday experiences that touch our families and neighbours. With people waiting months for hospital and mental health services appointments, NHS dentistry services drying up in the town and GP surgeries at breaking point, our NHS needs reform. It […]

Mental health support waiting list soars to over 15,000 in Northampton

As the country recognises mental health awareness week, over 15,000 people in our community are left sitting on the mental health support waiting list. This is simply not good enough. Since the Conservatives came into government in 2010, one-in-four mental health beds have been cut across the country. We feel this Conservative legacy today in […]