Making Northampton’s Streets Safe – NN Pulse Nov ’23

By Mike Reader

By Mike Reader

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton South

The next Labour government faces a real challenge – restoring safety for our community and rebuilding trust in the police. I am dedicated to returning our town to the safe, secure, and welcoming environment we all remember, where everyone feels protected and heard.

Communities thrive, and local economies prosper, when crime is low. That is why Making Britain’s Streets Safe is one of the five Labour Party missions that will give Britain its future back.

Our mission is clear: we will halve serious violent crime and restore the highest levels of confidence in our policing and criminal justice system within a decade.

Fixing 13 Years of Failure

Gone are the days when you’d regularly see the police patrolling our neighbourhood. Gone are the days when you knew, if you rang 999, the police would be immediately with you. Gone are the days when you felt sure that if you reported a crime, you’d see the criminals caught and justice served.

Under the current government, we’ve seen a distressing rise in serious crimes, especially among our youth, and a sharp decline in public confidence in our police and justice system. That’s not been helped by continued scandals surrounding the current Conservative Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Rising crime rates, particularly in violence against women and girls, antisocial behaviour, and knife crime, have cast a shadow over our town. These are not just statistics; they represent real people, our neighbours, whose lives and livelihoods are affected. The next Labour government has to take radical action. We can’t let things get any worse.

A Responsive and Reformed Police Service

Our approach to reinvigorating Northampton’s safety focuses on tangible actions: increasing police visibility, addressing the root causes of crime, particularly among young people, and ensuring our police force is equipped to deal with modern challenges. We will not only increase the number of police officers but also ensure they are integrated within our communities, understanding and addressing local needs.

Victims at the Heart of Justice

A vital aspect of restoring trust is placing victims at the centre of our criminal justice system. I commit to ensuring specialist support for victims, particularly in cases of rape and domestic abuse. They will receive the justice they deserve. We’ll introduce more robust measures to tackle online crimes, particularly those targeting the vulnerable.

An All-Encompassing Strategy

Addressing crime in Northampton requires more than just policing. It demands a holistic approach involving education, community services, mental health support, and proactive measures to prevent crime before it occurs. That’s why I’m committed to working with all public and private sector partners to develop a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all aspects of societal well-being. That will ensure I am able to deliver on our mission; to make Northampton’s streets safe.

As your Labour Party candidate in the next general election, my commitment to making Northampton a safer place is unwavering. But this journey requires your support. Together, we can bring about the change our town desperately needs. It’s time to restore the sense of security and confidence we once took pride in.


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