My Commitment: To get the NHS back on its feet in Northampton – NN Pulse Oct ’23

By Mike Reader

By Mike Reader

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton South

For many in Northampton, the struggles of getting help from the NHS aren’t distant stories. They’re tangible, everyday experiences that touch our families and neighbours. With people waiting months for hospital and mental health services appointments, NHS dentistry services drying up in the town and GP surgeries at breaking point, our NHS needs reform. It must be made fit for the 21st century.

I’m profoundly committed to Labour’s mission: To get our NHS back on its feet. 

The NHS must be there when we need it most. From GP appointments to emergency operations, mental health support to long-term medical treatment. But right now, after 13 years of Conservative government, we’ve seen waiting times extend from weeks to months to years, and damaging cuts to services.

My commitments to revitalise our cherished NHS are not mere words but deeply-felt pledges:

Cut Waiting Times: I am resolute in ending the distressing waits for treatments. By championing investments in cutting-edge technology, more healthcare staff and improving social care, we can significantly reduce these times. Wes Streeting, our shadow health secretary, has committed that Labour will deliver two million more appointments a year to cut waiting lists and 700,000 more appointments with NHS dentists. For our community here in Northampton, this translates to faster access to crucial care.

End the 8am Scramble for GP Appointments: We’ve all experienced the stress of vying for a GP slot. My vision ensures no one in Northampton will feel that anxiety. You should have the choice, whether that’s a direct consultation or a phone discussion, without the current chaos. We’ll do this by investing in new technology, so you can book an appointment when you need it and see a GP on your terms. And, of course, we’ll sort out the doctors’ contract so they stop leaving the profession and stay to support the communities they love.

Tackle Britain’s biggest killers: Losing someone to a treatable health condition is a pain I understand deeply. We need to tackle Britain’s biggest killers, heart disease, cancer and suicide. I’m dedicated to elevating survival rates by ensuring timely detection, swift treatment, and thorough aftercare. We need a revolution in front-end diagnostics, identifying early signs of illness long before they cause you harm..

More Care in the Community: When it was created, the promise the NHS offered was treatment for infectious disease and short-term illness in hospitals. However today, most of the NHS’s work is treating long-term ongoing diseases such as arthritis or diabetes. I’m pushing for a shift in care delivery, emphasising community-based services, keeping people out of hospital, relieving pressure on primary care services. This means our Northampton family will get the care they deserve right here, surrounded by the warmth and comfort of familiar settings, rather than enduring lengthy hospital stays.

My ambition for the NHS is clear and bold. Our NHS heroes have supported us through the pandemic, despite the cuts and mismanagement of the Conservative Government. The Labour Party are not just aiming to mend the mess the Tories have made of the NHS; we’re aiming to transform. It’s about evolving our NHS to be preventive and proactive.

For Northampton, my mission signifies a hopeful health future – an NHS that’s resilient, receptive, and always reliable. 

Under my vision, I promise that our NHS will stand strong, embodying its original promise: available for all, free at the point of need.


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