Build an NHS fit for the 21st century

Build an NHS fit for the 21st century Waiting times for ambulances and at Northampton General’s A&E are unacceptable. Staffing shortages, under-investment and lack of ownership or recognition from the Government mean Northamptonians are being failed. We call on the Government to build and NHS fit for the future by: Restoring the investment needed to […]

Crime Petition

Crime Petition Tell the government, we need more Police on our streets. Are you fed up of too few police in Northampton? Do you want to see more bobbies on the beat? Everyone has a right to feel protected and to live without the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour. But too often, we don’t […]

Mike Reader’s Warm Homes Plan

Warm Homes Plan Mike Reader’s Warm Homes Plan – Petition The national emergency of rising energy bills has again highlighted the urgent importance of insulating as many homes as possible. The UK spends more money on energy wasted through the walls and roofs of our houses than any other country in Western Europe. This comes […]

Air Pollution Petition

Air Pollution Petition DON’T CHOKE US. CLEAN OUR AIR NOW. You can’t see it, but there is a dangerous threat to our health: Toxic air. Northampton is ranked as the most polluted town or city in the country. We call on West Northamptonshire Council to fund proposals to reduce air pollution from vehicles, including introducing […]

NHS Dentist Petition

NHS Dentist Petition JOIN US TO CALL ON THE GOVERNMENT TO FUND OUR DENTISTS. Dentists are closing their doors to NHS patients, leaving hundreds of people without affordable dental care. This will cost a typical family of four nearly £800 a year. Join us and call on the Government to reverse funding cuts and end […]