Crime Petition

Tell the government, we need more Police on our streets.

Are you fed up of too few police in Northampton? Do you want to see more bobbies on the beat?

Everyone has a right to feel protected and to live without the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour. But too often, we don’t see police on our streets and we don’t feel safe in our own town.

Sign this petition and back the campaign to introduce a “Community Policing Guarantee” which will:

  1. Get the police out from behind their desks and onto the beat again
  2. Take a zero tolerance approach to antisocial behaviour and knife crime
  3. Lead a crackdown on shoplifting and violence to make our high streets and local shops safe
  4. Put our local community’s priorities at the heart of policing, not national targets set by Whitehall
  5. Make community policing something to be proud of
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