Warm Homes Plan

Mike Reader’s Warm Homes Plan – Petition

The national emergency of rising energy bills has again highlighted the urgent importance of insulating as many homes as possible. The UK spends more money on energy wasted through the walls and roofs of our houses than any other country in Western Europe.

This comes after a decade of failure by the Conservatives to introduce a proper national energy efficiency plan. Home insulation rates have plummeted – in 2013 the Tory-led Government cut energy efficiency programmes and insulation rates fell by 92 per cent in 2013. In 2022, they stood at a figure ten times lower than in 2010.

We demand the Government supports the upgrade of our homes in Northampton to reduce energy demand, thereby cutting bills for families and building the UK’s energy security.

We back Mike Reader’s Warm Homes Plan, which will see over 24,000 homes in Northampton receiving grants from Government to deliver energy saving measures such as:

  • Loft insulation.
  • Wall insulation.
  • Replacing leaky windows and doors.
  • Installing new energy efficient boilers.
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