Plan for Small Business welcomed by business owners

By Mike Reader

By Mike Reader

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton South

Business owners from across Northamptonshire came together today, Tuesday 24th January, to hear the Shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds launch the Labour Party’s Plan for Small Businesses. The plan was welcomed by the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses and the county’s business owners.

The Labour Party‘s commitment to energising small businesses in Northamptonshire took a significant leap forward with the unveiling of its new “Plan for Small Business” at a Visku’s state-of-the-art logistics centre and headquarters in Wellingborough.

The event saw business leaders from Northampton and the wider county come together to hear presentations from Louise Wall, Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce CEO, and Jonathan Reynolds, the Shadow Secretary of State for Business, before Reynolds faced a grilling from representatives of the region’s professional services, services, logistics, construction and manufacturing industries.

Louise Wall emphasised the critical role small businesses play in the local and national economy. She welcomed proposals to tackle business rates inequalities between brick and mortar and online businesses, planning reform and the epidemic of late payment in UK supply chains. Jonathan Reynolds outlined Labour’s comprehensive plan designed to tackle the pressing challenges faced by small businesses, including the rising cost of energy, and the current government’s lack of clear direction.

A highlight of the event was the Q&A session with Jonathan Reynolds, where he interacted directly with local business owners, addressing their concerns and explaining how Labour’s plan would provide much-needed support and stability.

Mike Reader, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Northampton South was in attendance and expressed enthusiastic support for the plan. “This plan is ambitious and speaks to the concerns raised with me by our business community in Northampton. It directly addresses the challenges we’re facing, from crippling energy costs to the frustration of late payments. It’s time for a change, and Labour’s plan offers the certainty and support that the government has failed to provide.”

Also present was small business owner Ersan Karaoglan, representing restaurant and hospitality businesses from the county. As owner of Sultan’s Kitchen in Northampton and the Rushden Supermarket in Rushden, Karaoglan welcomed Labour’s focus on energy security and sovereignty. “Labour’s approach to tackling energy costs is not only a relief but a crucial step towards sustainable business growth,” Karaoglan remarked.