What does being ‘misson-driven’ mean for Northampton? – NN Pulse Sept ’23

By Mike Reader

By Mike Reader

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton South

This summer I’ve spoken to well over 1,000 people on the doorstep, on the phone and at community and business events to hear what they want from the next Labour government and to hear their views on how we improve our town.

I’ve heard the clear message from my neighbours – we need an end to the short-term thinking and knee-jerk politics. We need long-term, strategic and considered policies and plans from politicians. And that is exactly what the Labour Party is aiming to do.

We call this being mission-driven. We’ve laid out five missions. Each one is a north star to guide us, to keep our focus, and to stop the demands of the day-to-day crisis the Conservatives create in our country from taking us away from focusing on what really matters to local people. 

MISSION ONE: Secure G7’s Highest Growth

Our objective? Ensuring your income rises faster than your expenses, revitalising our high street, supporting new and existing businesses. By promoting economic stability over erratic, short-term solutions and refining the hasty trade deals post-Brexit, we aim to shield our economy and make sure your income rises faster than your outgoings.

MISSION TWO: Safeguarding Our Streets

We will deliver a 50% reduction in severe violent crimes, deploying an additional 13,000 police officers, and restoring public trust in the police and legal system are our commitments. By focusing on early intervention strategies, we’ll address crime’s root causes in Northampton, ensuring safety at all hours.

MISSION THREE: Refashioning the NHS

The NHS needs drastic reforms to cater to everyone in Northampton equitably. Our missions targets providing more accessible GP services, ample funding for social care, and parity between mental and physical health services, ensuring timely professional support.

MISSION FOUR: Championing Clean Energy

Our Green Prosperity Plan charts the path to enhancing energy autonomy and nurturing clean energy capabilities, like the creation of GB Energy, a publicly-owned clean energy firm. This mission translates to over 16,000 jobs in the East Midlands upgrading homes, and electric vehicle battery initiatives that benefit Northampton directly.

MISSION FIVE: Removing Opportunity Obstacles

Labour’s vision focuses on enhancing education in Northampton, addressing barriers that impede personal growth. From free breakfast clubs to training more teachers,our plan encompasses all – inclusive of mental health support in schools and enhanced aid for students special educational needs.

I look forward to speaking to many more of you on the doorstep in the coming months. 

Thank you for warm and open reception you give me when we speak. It’s heartwarming to hear your personal stories and so very helpful to hear your views on how we make our town greener, fairer and more prosperous. 

Together, we will build a better Britain.


This article was originally published in NN Pulse. You can read the original article here: https://issuu.com/pulsegroupmedia/docs/nnpoct23/14